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Southside Farm

Enviko has led the delivery of a wind project in Southside Farm, Aberdeenshire, for 1 x Freebreeze RRB V27 225kW Wind Turbine since late 2010. Since then a large wind speed assessment campaign has taken place, utilising a 10m mast with a final ‘hub height’ wind speed of approximately 6.2m/s. After a very lengthy planning process, and reducing the development down to one turbine, the site achieved planning consent in December 2012.

At this point, with grid connection in place and being unsure of the changes in rates, an application for pre-accreditation onto the Feed in Tariff scheme was made to Ofgem, in late December 2012. Now this stage has been confirmed, Enviko are progressing with the Civil and Electrical design work, with a number of key partners, and are well on track to delivering the project through to commissioning in September/October 2013.

The anticipated commissioning date given from SSE is September 2013, on the condition that further upgrade work is completed. The V27 turbine in the expected conditions at Southside farm is anticipated to produce 440 – 480MWh per annum with a capacity factor of around 25%.

Enviko currently have many medium scale wind projects, at all stages of the development process. If you have any questions or project requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us on the numbers below.

wind Turbine Selection and Procurement

Turbine Selection and Procurement Turbine procurement is one of the most important aspects of a wind energy development. Turbines may represent up to 80% of the capital cost of a wind farm and their reliability and long-term power output are crucial to the financial performance of the project.

It is important to secure not only an acceptable price, but also the right guarantees, delivery and performance bonds and specific guarantees on aspects of performance governed by planning conditions, such as noise.

We have long-standing contacts with all the major manufacturers. Acting on behalf of owners, investors and banks, Enviko draws on years of experience to offer a comprehensive array of commercial and management services.

Whether planning, acquiring, operating, re-powering or selling a wind farm, Enviko can offer clients a range of skills and experience – from essential project services such as due diligence, through to adding value by way of project lifetime support.

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Public Sector
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