Northern Power Systems wind turbines

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As with our work in the agricultural sector, we have assisted companies the breadth of the country with the generation of their own on site electricity and we have delivered some of the UK’s biggest and most high profile projects, each project is custom made to meet clients specific needs.

Northern Power Systems wind turbines

Northern Power

Northern Power Systems are a vastly experienced renewable energy company. They have over 30 years of knowledge in developing and manufacturing advanced, innovative turbines.

Their simplified usage of next-generation wind turbine technology utilises a unique combination of permanent magnet generators and direct drive design.Northern Power Systems wind turbines

These turbines are ideal for low wind speeds and begin making power at 3 metres per second. They can provide clear economic benefits and are a very versatile option.

Northern Power Systems – decades of experience

Northern Power Systems has been providing pioneering energy solutions for over four decades. Globally they have logged millions of kWh. They license this same next-generation technology and intellectual property to some of the top manufacturers around the globe for wind projects and other systems.

Northern Power Systems also offers comprehensive in-house development services, including systems level engineering, power electronics, Permanent Magnet machine design, and remote monitoring systems to the energy industry.

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Other manufacturers of turbines that
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Please note we can also source siemens and vestas wind turbines

wind Turbine Selection and Procurement

Turbine Selection and Procurement Turbine procurement is one of the most important aspects of a wind energy development. Turbines may represent up to 80% of the capital cost of a wind farm and their reliability and long-term power output are crucial to the financial performance of the project.

It is important to secure not only an acceptable price, but also the right guarantees, delivery and performance bonds and specific guarantees on aspects of performance governed by planning conditions, such as noise.

We have long-standing contacts with all the major manufacturers. Acting on behalf of owners, investors and banks, Enviko draws on years of experience to offer a comprehensive array of commercial and management services.

Whether planning, acquiring, operating, re-powering or selling a wind farm, Enviko can offer clients a range of skills and experience – from essential project services such as due diligence, through to adding value by way of project lifetime support.

Many farmers are wary of wind turbines due to fears of cost. On top of the rising prices of feed, fertiliser and utility bills, such extras are very off-putting. But there are green alternatives which can not only save you money but earn a second income... Read More.

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Public Sector
Whether you’re part of a hospital, school, university or library, wind turbines can be an affordable and sustainable solution – saving you money and boosting your green credentials. They can guarantee you an income for 20 years... Read More.


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